Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Down with thrush

The last few days were tiring but fulfilling as I tried to resume my household routine given my increased energy.  I went marketing, prepared meals and fussed around the house.   It made me felt independent and useful again.  I started to work from home slowly so to ease myself back to work.  I took less rest compared to the past weeks.

Hubby was busy with his work and did not have time for his regular run. I think stress caught up with him and he fell ill with throat infection and running nose.  Since lupus patients taking corticosteroids have low resistance to infection and guess I did not rest as much too, I got a sore throat just 2 days after he caught the bug.  Immediately I could feel the difference in energy level.  I felt much weaker and have to breathe a little harder as usual at times.   I thought it was throat infection like what my hubby had.  But my doc said it was fungus infection, i.e thrush, which was likely to have caused by the prednisolone that I was taking.  Apparently corticosteroid is one of the medications that could upset the balance of microorganisms in the mouth and may cause thrush.  I have never experienced thrush before and so this was something new that I learned. The doc was cutting down the dosage of my prednisolone slowly from current 40mg to 30mg and then 20mg for the next 4 weeks.   Wonder how long it would take to cut down to 5mg and to none completely.  On the other hand, he was increasing my dosage of azathioprine from 200mg to 300mg and finally 400mg (which was dosage based on my weight).  Again, I wonder how long I need to take this medication since one of the side effects of long term consumption of this drug was damage of retina cells that could lead to blindness.  For now, I just have to take one thing at a time and see how things go.    

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  1. Thrush is no fun!

    One time, my mouth was full of it because of mega-dose of steroid pumped into my system.
    It hurts like @#$% - all I look forward to eat was ice-cream and jelly!

    I could not tolerate Imuran (aza) - made my WBC goes yo-yo down on me.

    Glad to found you at "wehavelupus" forum! Keep in touch!