Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love and Kindness from Many!

The past few days have been days of warmth and hope for me.  Many of well-meaning colleagues and friends who knew I have not been well have been praying for me. On Sunday, I received a flower and fruit basket from my colleagues.  In the message, it said "Rest Well, Our Dearest Boss.  We missed you and hope to see you soon...."  It warmed my heart and being a human being who needs self-assurance, guess it was always good to know that there were people besides your family who cared about you.  I sent thank you message to them and told them I was very blessed with supportive colleagues and kind friends like them.  But I also told them my recovery would be slow but I hope for a steady recovery. One of them told me most importantly I must get well.  She also reaffirmed me that I was a good boss.  Wah! That made my day knowing I have been doing something right all these while!  Nevertheless, I still need to continue to learn to be a "good" boss as each individual is different.  There is no one size fits all method.   Most importantly, I think as bosses who are in position to influence, mentor and reward staff, we need to be fair and help bring out the potential and capacity of each individual so that they can feel that they are learning, growing, rewarded and also contributing both to the organisation and the society.

On Monday, I had another pleasant surprise.  My neighbour, a 60 plus years old auntie visited me with bird nest, fruits and other stuff.  I was overwhelmed by her concern and kindness.  Wonder how she knew that I was not well, she told me that she met my hubby and my child while they were on the way to visit me at the hospital.   We had a nice chat and she told me to approach her if I need any help.  That's was very very kind of her.  I was so touched and inspired by love and concern that human beings can show to one another, especially in this rat race and individualised society.

I have had another surprise in that evening when my 70 years old mom personally came with my dinner in the rain.  My hubby was working late and could not get the dinner from my mom's place which was about a hour bus journey away.  My dad who was the usual one who come to my place was tied up with renovation work which was going on at his place.  My mom decided to deliver the dinner right to my doorstep!  I was so so guilty that she did that for me.  We had a nice chat and when I wanted to call taxi to send her home she stubbornly refused and went off in the rain.  I felt so bad and guilty that evening even though I know she did that out of love for me....

I must take good care of myself and get well soon.  The greatest gift that I can give to my family members is a Healthy Me. Then, they need not worry about me and I can also do things for them!  

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