Monday, September 13, 2010

So Now what's for Work?

I have a demanding and stressful job.  But I am blessed with a good boss and supportive colleagues. 

Knowing that you have lupus means you need to acknowledge your limitations.  I tell myself there are things at work and life that I need to adjust if I want to keep my illness at bay.  Thich Nhat Hanh, a leading monk and scholar of Zen Buddhism that I read in yesterday newspaper said and I quote him: "Without first knowing and loving ourselves, it is difficult to know and love others".   So for me, I take it to mean aware of and accept what I am capable of doing now and what is happening to my body now so that I know when to charge and when to rest and relax.  If I can do these well, it will keep lupus in remission.  It is only with a heatlhy and positive me that I can know and love, attend to the needs of my loved ones and support my colleagues.

One of the things I adjusted is work.  My medical leave ends this week, although the doc told me to let him know if I need more rest.  I think it is better if I can ease back to work slowly since I still get tired easily especially with no quality sleep (yes, I am still dealing with my insomina as I do not want to depend on medication).  My boss readily agreed to my idea of working from home for 2 weeks before I go back to office physically in Oct.  With this arrangement, I can start to do some work, but lie on the bed to rest if necessary and it will also reduce infection risk (since air-conditioned office is full of virus and bugs and there will always be someone who is sick at work ;-).   

Thank you boss for your understanding!  But this is not the end.  There may be more adjustments I need to make when I go back office.  One thing I have decided is no more working late in office everyday.  Work can wait but not health and life.  I will now Work around Life.  Life is certainty not just about and around work.

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