Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hope for Increased Blood Count

Guess the medications are working.  I am feeling better with more energy these 2 days.  I was able to do light cooking (oh yeah, I felt great to be able to cook a meal for my child) and simple housework chores like laundry using the washing machine.  These were things that would be unimaginable during the last weeks of August.  I could not at times lift up my hands and arms then.  Even texting on the phone then required tons of energy from me.  

I monitor my eyes to see whether I can see "red" blood vessels under eye lids everyday as they have been extremely pale due to the low red blood cells count.  I saw some red vessels and would like to conclude that my bone marrow has started to produce blood cells as I am feeling better these 2 days. But these need to be confirmed by blood test on this coming Thursday when I see both my rheumatologist and hematologist.  I am also curious about white blood cell count. Wonder it has stayed stable or drop.   

Sleep is still a problem.  Think I would talk to the doctor about my insomnia . 

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