Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Milestone of My Child

My child has entered into a new phase of her life today.  Secretly glad that it happened while I was at home and not in office. She started her first period -  menarche today!  I have been preparing her for this event months ago.  But guess nothing beat the real thing when it came.  I reminded her about some hygiene pointers about menstruation and the implication of menstruation.  It meant her body is matured and capable for reproduction.  So she needs to take extra care about herself too.  We talked about sex but I could sense her embarrassment and uneasiness.  Anyway, I told her to approach me anytime if she has questions about her body and other things that may be bothering her.  It's better this way rather than she gets misleading answers from her friends.  She told me she was fine, just like it would be "troublesome".  I could not agree with her more, haha!!!   Welcome to womanhood, my gal!  

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