Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning to sleep

My kid has a wonderful evening yesterday  She enjoyed her performance tremenously and said that she would like to do it again.  I was happy that I played a part in this milestone of hers by ensuring she have a neat bun and pretty make-up before she left for her performance.  

I was exhausted after that.  I tried to rest by sleeping.  But as usual like the past weeks, I could not fall asleep and ended up lying aimlessly on the bed.  I was already having difficulty sleeping the last night. I managed to catch a wink or so for a couple of minutes between 1 to 3am and have been stayed awake since then.  Frequent night urination with 1 and 1.5 hours interval also disrupted my sleep.  This has to do something with the kidney problem.  

I do not like sleepless night but guess I just need to cope with it calmly.  No point fretting over it and let it cause more stresses to my brain and body.  Lying and relaxing on the bed is a form of resting too.  Soon, my body and mind will learn to sleep easily again

Oh yeah, found some tips on this webpage about sleep.

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