Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleepless day and night

I have not been really sleeping since 3 weeks ago, no matter how tired I was.  It was not as though I have been sleeping in the day and thus unable to sleep in the night.  I was unable to sleep both at night and day and if I did, I have trouble staying asleep for more than half an hour.  I tried different methods like eating a banana, warm milk, etc to induce sleep but to no avail.  Sighhh... My brain seemed to be forever active even though I tried not to think about anything (symptom of depression???).  Even in the brief moment I thought I felt asleep, I was dreaming since I was able to remember what those dreams were.  The sleep problem was made worst with frequent urination in the night.  Like last night, I went to the toilet every hour!  That's was unthinkable and this frequent urination only happened in the night and not daytime.  Wonder what doc is going to say about this tomorrow.

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