Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hair Loss and Increased Appetite

One of the classic symptoms of lupus is hair loss. I am no exception.  Lupus medications can also cause side effects like hair loss.  I notice my hair is thinning recently.  It is quite unnerving at first for someone who is used to have thick hair.  But I'm taking it in good stride.  Most of the information I read said that it is a reversible problem.  Hair loss will subside once lupus goes into remission or when the medication is stopped.  Meanwhile, I just have to live with lesser hair but hopefully not patchy or bald head. 

The other side effects of the steriods is increased appetite.  It seems that I am constantly hungry.  Not that I complained.  Between loss of appetite like weeks before, I prefer the situation now that I can eat.  I enjoy food and it was a torture for me when I could not eat!  I try to eat a balanced diet and lots of vegatables and fruits.  I am very grateful to my mom who prepare my home-cooked dinner regularly.  Bon Appetit!   

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