Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changes in Taste buds

Wonder anyone of you with lupus experienced change in taste bud during the flare up period.  I was having this bitter taste initially when I have poor appetitte but before I know about my lupus condition.  I earlier thought it was GERD - acid reflux that was causing the trouble.  I overcame it by eating sweets but it was only temporary relief.  My tougue was also coated with thick layer of whites. I constantly have dry throat especially at night too.  Then, out of the sudden, think when I was hospitalised, even the plain water I drank tasted a tab funny kind of sweet - but not the kind of sweetness that I would like.  I asked my hubby whether there was any difference in water I was drinking. He drank and told it was normal water taste.  I concluded that it must be me then.  While the bitterness of the tougue has gone away, the funny sweet taste of water stayed with me until yesterday.  For once, I noticed and was happy that water finally tasted like water!!!  But then, it lasted a day and the sweetness of water came back today again..... sighh...Now I understand why lupus can be unpredictiable at times. 

I also did not know that Prednisolone tablets taste so bittter that I have to take a sweet everytime I took them.  No amount of water could get rid of the bitternesss of the tablets.  Wonder why the pharma companies cannot make it at least taste more neutral or at least marred the bitterness with a layer of coating that would dissolve in the stomach and not leave the bitterness in your tongue....

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  1. This sounds like Sjogren's Syndrome, which you might know occurs to those with Lupus and it affects the eyes and mouth (dryness).

    What you describe on your tongue is dry mouth and the loss of secretions affects taste and smell.

    I've had this for 5 years and only realized the actual name for it recently when I went to the eye doctor due to red, red eyes. He said the dry mouth and dry eyes could be Sjogren's and to see my doctor to get tested for Lupus... I didn't know I had Lupus.