Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lupus and Dog

I have a family dog.  While I was in the hospital, we decided to send him for dog-sitting since he is very active/playful and the doc said I must guard against infections.  This would also help to lessen the stress on my hubby as he was busy with work, household chores and of course twice a day visits to the hospital then.  I was grateful that my kind sister-in-law readily agreed to be the dog sitter for us for as long as we need.

While I was home, I tried looking up the net on whether lupus patient could keep pets especially dogs.  But all I could find was lupus is a disease that happened to dogs too!  Wonder anyone with lupus out there could share with me their experience with their dogs?  Anyway, given my dog is a hypoallergenic breed, we have since decided to fetch our dog back this weekend.  We miss him!       


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