Friday, September 10, 2010

Confusing Urine Test Result?

I have another appointment with my hematologist to review my bone marrow result on the same day I saw my rheumatologist. The rheumatologist clinic has kindly agreed to fax my blood test result to my hematologist so that I did not do another blood test on the same day. 

Hooray! Blood test showed that my white blood cells and platelet counts have gone up to the normal range finally! Red blood count has not really gone up but I took comfort that it was at least stable.  The hematologist also explained the bone marrow results.  There were some atypical cells which are responsible for producing the platelets but the results were inconclusive.  Given that I have been diagnosed with lupus and that my counts have increased, he was of the view that it could have been the cause of lupus.  Bottom line was if you control lupus well, this problem would disappear too.  It seemed that when you have lupus, suddenly many things could be explained by it. Ha..ha... But then, what if something else besides lupus is the cause of it?  Guess nobody even the doc really know and this is what make lupus scary and unpredictable for many.

In my blood test report, it also contained the urine test results.  Briefly, my hematologist explained that I still have proteins in my urine but the test for the kidney function seemed okay.   One thing strange is having white and red blood cells as well as bacteria in the urine.  This might suggest infection.  I immediately thought of UTI (urinary tract infection) or vaginal infection given I need to urine frequently and was having some abnormal feelings around my vaginal area ever since my menses started with little spotting and then stopped completely suddenly about a week ago (which the doc said could be due to lupus or the medication, sighh...).  Since the test was not ordered by the hematologist, he told me that he would leave it to other doc to review and explain more and see whether antibiotics was required. I went back to the rheumatologist but he already has gone for the ward visit.  I would have to wait for his call then.  Good luck to me!

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