Friday, November 5, 2010

Fear of Hairloss

It has been a crazy month since I went back to work in early Oct.  Things and issues just cropped up continuously.  While I tried to take things easy, it could be tiring at times and I also did not get enough rest.  Blogging has take a back seat for a moment. 

Doc increased my Azathioprine dosage to 100mg while he reduced my prednisolone gradually.  But then, not sure whether it was lupus flare due to stress (dealing with issues and office politics!!!) or not enough rest or due to increased dosage of azathioprine, I started to experience severe hair loss in the last 2-3 weeks.  For a person who have thick hair, watching your hair thinning at an alarming rate was not pleasant.  I told my hubby and kid that it was depressing to know that I might get bald patches in the near future.  But then, it was a case of no choice given my medical condition.  Doc advised that I should continue with the medication and the hair would grow back when the recent active lupus was better under control.....   Anyway, got to focus on what I have and not what I have lost.  So meanwhile am on active lookout for a nice wig.....:)).


  1. Lupus and Meds does crazy things to your hair.
    One time I was losing hair ... (almost botak) - hated what I see in the mirror... (I have thin, fine hair)

    Then "BOOM" (after IV prednisolone) my hair grew back curly and thick!!!

    Remember to keep stress under control. I know it is difficult when you are working (+ office politics) ... ALWAYS remember, when you are tired - leave and rest. At the end of the day, only you and your family matters, not work!

  2. Hey lupie,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and great to connect with you. Hair still continued to fall... while doc did say it would grow back, it is still not a nice sight looking yourself at the mirror. And yes, family is impt. Work will always be there but not health. :))

  3. Watch out for your WBC when on Aza .. :)
    Some people could not tolerate, like me!