Sunday, January 9, 2011

Living a normal life which may not be normal

Life is slowly going back to "normal" but deep inside me I know it is "not normal" as before.  Taking a cocktail of medication has become a new routine now.  Though still clocking an average of 55 hours for work, I know my energy level is not the same as before.... and even shopping which suppose to be a "therapeutic" event can be a tiring task now.  Tend to get infected by bugs and viruses easily since immune system is weak and probably due to immune-suppressing drug.....  Many times, I just feel tired, uncomfortable and sick but for no apparent reasons. It's a feeling but I find it difficult to explain and express it to others.   For others who do not know what I'm suffering from, it is probably my excuse to be lazy....   but even for my hubby who is very understanding and considerate, I think it is difficult for him to comprehend why I am fine a while ago but may suddenly feel unwell and tired all of the sudden.

Just like my hair loss problem.  It could still be very bad a while ago, but all of the sudden, it stopped with no apparent reason and started to go new hairs. Not something I groaned about but it just goes to show that things are pretty unpredictable for me now.   And now I am left with a new and unused wig made of 100% human hair.  Wonder I should put it up for sale now :))     


  1. Worry not of others.
    Just take care of yourself!

  2. Glad your hair is back!!!
    Hope it didn't come back curly and coarse like mine!!! (it is so hard to manage now, as I used to have straight, fine hair - little maintenance !)